Kevin Spacey won't be in Bond now, but maybe later

Early on it was rumored that Kevin Spacey would play the villain in BOND 23. Turns out that isn't happening. While it sounds like a cool idea, Spacey was never officially asked to do the film.

Spacey told MTV Movies Blog the story, "Actually, what happened is, I was never asked to do it. I was never offered it. Someone asked me if I'd like to do it, and I said I would have loved to do it, but I don't think I could have even been considered because I'm doing 'Richard III' at the same time that Sam is [shooting 'Bond 23']."

The "Sam" Spacey speaks of is of course director Sam Mendes. Mendes has been working with Spacey on the stage production of Richard III. So when is Mendes taking a break from the theater? "He's leaving ['Richard III'] once he gets us up and running," the actor revealed. "[That's when] he starts shooting. I'm going on the road with 'Richard III,' so I couldn't have even been considered for it."

Well, would Spacey consider taking a Bond role in the future? And maybe he could chat up Mendes about the possibility? "Sure. Exactly. I'll twist his arm about that."

Spacey ended the convo by sharing his thoughts on the film, as well as its star, Daniel Craig, "He's a terrific Bond and I think it's a terrific franchise. I'm glad that they've worked it all out and they're doing it again."

Extra Tidbit: K-PAX fans? When I first saw this film I wasn't into it, but I've watched it a couple of times more recently and it's actually really great.
Source: MTV Movies Blog



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