Kill Bill 3 a go??

Certainly Quentin Tarantino has been known to give a strange interview or two in his time, but this sit down with Italian TV host Serena Dandini to promote BASTERDI SENZA GLORIA spawned a particularly bizarre exchange.

It’s no secret that Tarantino has been strategizing about another KILL BILL installment before he was even done filming the first two (and anything has yet to come of it), but in this interview, he’s almost daring the host to ask him to make an announcement:

“But you didn’t ask the other thing, the third thing. Would I ever do a third volume Kill Bill volume three?”

Dandini looks stunned, but asks him the questions to which he replies emphatically “Yes!” and then later, “The Bride shall fight again!”

I don’t think we can take this as a particularly official announcement, but Tarantino did specifically go out of his way to bring it up as it’s clearly on his mind, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up seeing chapter three sooner that we thought.

Watch it for yourself below, the KILL BILL talk starts at 5:55.

Extra Tidbit: The last time I heard him talking about this, he wanted to make Vol. 3 in 20 years when Copperhead's daughter comes to seek revenge on Black Mamba.
Source: BadTaste.it



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