Kill it with fire! Backdraft 2 exists and here's the trailer to prove it!

Hey there, folks! Are you ready for your WTF article for today? I mean besides the news that James Gunn is back as the director of Disney's GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 3. That's its own bag of Flerkens all together. No, I'm talking about the fact that we've got a trailer for BACKDRAFT 2, the surprise sequel to Ron Howard's 1991 action-oriented smash starring Kurt Russell, William Baldwin, Robert De Niro, Donald Sutherland, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Scott Glenn.

Reprising their roles for BACKDRAFT 2 are William Baldwin and Donald Sutherland, who'll be joined by franchise-newcomer Joe Anderson, who's set to play Sean, the son of Kurt Russell's Stephen McCaffrey (from the original). Meanwhile. the new film directed by APOLLO 18 helmer Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego, and is based off characters created by Gregory Wilden.

Here's the official synopsis for BACKDRAFT 2:

Fire investigator Sean McCaffrey, son of the late Steven “Bull” McCaffrey, is now working at the same Chicago firehouse along with his uncle Brian (William Baldwin). When Sean is assigned to investigate a deadly fire, he and partner Maggie soon realize that they are dealing with something much more than a routine fire. The clues they discover lead them down a treacherous path of arson, murder, and international terrorism. Sean must use his intuition, along with the help of infamous jailed arsonist Ronald Bartel (Donald Sutherland), in a race to find out who is being the fire and stop them from accomplishing their devious plans.

BACKDRAFT 2 will rush into the fire via Blu-ray, DVD and Digital platforms on May 14th.



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