Killing Them Softly and Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning each pick up a set of three new posters

First up today we have KILLING THEM SOFTLY, a film which continues its trend of securing some truly stellar poster art to the point where it's really just not fair for most of the other films that have yet to be released this year. The images are not only well constructed and beautifully rendered, but they also play the film's violence and mob-based plot against an exploration of the manifestation of The American Dream rather effectively indeed.

While I still sort of wish the film was still called COGAN'S TRADE, my anticipation for this film has only grown the more I've seen the promotional art.  Which is the idea of promotional art, so that's good.

KILLING THEM SOFTLY arrives in wide release on November 30th.

Killing Them Softly- Vice poster 1

Killing Them Softly - Vice poster 2

Killing Them Softly - Vice poster 3

Next is UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: DAY OF RECKONING, a movie for "fans of intense violence and bodily harm" as our own Eric Walkuski said in his all-in-all positive review.  If nothing else, these posters showcase three men willing and able to kick your ass with just a look - something that's plenty attention-grabbing in and of itself. 

UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: DAY OF RECKONING arrives in limited release on November 30th.

US: DOR - DL poster

US: DOR - VD poster

US: DOR - SA poster

Extra Tidbit: Tyler Durden vs. Van Damme. Go.
Source: Upcoming MoviesVice



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