King on Sin City 2

I feel sorry for all of those people who went to see THE SPIRIT because they thought it was the sequel to SIN CITY. My girlfriend was one of them. If you are too, then you'll probably be happy to hear that apparently SIN CITY 2 is moving forward, although unfortunately there still does not exist technology with the capacity to let you unwatch THE SPIRIT. Jamie King told our own JimmyO in an interview to be published later this week:

"[SIN CITY 2] gonna be really awesome and I already know that Frank is writing a third one. He's finished the script… he came to the premiere, he was so sweet, I said, 'You have to promise me to come to my premiere.' He stayed in town to come… he's like one of my best friends. He's like my brother, we became really close on SIN CITY. So yeah, he finished the script and now we're working on… because it's at the Weinstein Company, we're just working things out with the studio. "

I think that's promising, isn't it? Although I'm always skeptical when people say "we're just working things out with the studio." That said, I was also skeptical when people said "if you bury a hooker in coffee beans the smell of rotting flesh will never reach the surface" and that seems to have worked out fine. So fingers crossed, I guess.
Extra Tidbit: But will Rourke want to come back now?
Source: JoBlo.com



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