Kirsten Dunst alters her state of mind in trippy Woodshock trailer

Kirsten Dunst has been making some interesting acting choices in the ten years since her SPIDER-MAN days, including MELANCHOLIA, MIDNIGHT SPECIAL and this year’s THE BEGUILED. We can now add WOODSHOCK to the list, a film about a woman grieving over the death of her mother with the use of a particularly heavy and affecting cannabinoid drug. The trailer is suitably hallucinogenic and dreamlike, and I’m sure it will be the biggest WTF moment of your day.

Was I right? The movie certainly is shaping up to be a heavy time at the movies, mixing in drug-fueled imagery with a story of loss and regret. Not easy stuff to swallow and the whole thing looks pretty melancholic. But it could all be fascinating, especially for those who like that sort of style. I personally don't think I can handle it. I mean, I get dizzy standing up, so this...

WOODSHOCK arrives September 15 with Dunst, Joe Cole and Pilou Asbæk.

Source: A24



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