Knowing Stephen Sommers won't direct GI Joe 2 is half the battle

GI JOE was not a great movie but it wasn't an entirely terrible movie either. It's just one of those movies where you sit there thinking to yourself the entire time how they got certain things so right but so many other things so wrong. This is why I'm pleased to hear that director Stephen Sommers won't be returning for GI JOE 2.

I've never been a fan of Sommers' work dating back to the MUMMY films and VAN HELSING and thought his direction of the film was a large part of why GI JOE didn't work as well as it should have. Now it seems, whether by his own doing or by Paramount's, that he won't be back for the planned sequel. The LA Times is reporting that Paramount and Hasbro are quietly searching around Hollywood for a replacement and have even had discussions with a few candidates (who exactly those candidates are remain unclear).

About this time last year it was reported that ZOMBIELAND writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick had signed on to write GI JOE 2. They turned in their draft but progress has been slow since then. Will Paramount move ahead with their draft or look for multiple rewrites?

So with Sommers out of the way and two highly qualified writers behind the script, what would you like to see in GI JOE 2? Who do you think should direct?

Extra Tidbit: Sgt. Slaughter please?
Source: LA Times



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