Knoxville a Drop-out

Johnny Knoxville has not yet been able to find true success in Hollywood apart from his JACKASS films, with a string of high profile flops that would have left many others in Hollywood searching through the classifieds.

Fortunately for Mr. Knoxville, he is very good at pleasuring studio executives orally. His latest sexual tryst has landed him the lead in a comedy called THE DROP-OUT, starring opposite Cher, as a 35-year-old career college student who is finally kicked out of his parents house, only to shack up with the 62-year-old woman next door(isn't Cher twice that age?). The woman has a son, also 35, who is in desperate need of a father figure. Ricky Blitt, who directed Knoxville in THE RINGER, wrote the script and will direct the film as well. Personally I would like to see Johnny axe the whole acting thing and just keep being a Jackass. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Extra Tidbit: Knoxville was arrested a a few days ago at an airport for carrying an inert grenade on his person. Smart dude.
Source: THR



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