Kong: Skull Island director criticizes his own movie on Honest Trailers

So after going on a Twitter rant about the CinemaSins episode of KONG: SKULL ISLAND, director Jordan Vogt-Roberts has decided to go on CinemaSins' main competitor Honest Trailers to riff on his own movie. And boy is he harsh (especially the acknowledgment that Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson had nothing to do and had no arc to speak of). It's actually a pretty fun watch (my favorite part is actually when he gives Honest Trailers shit for the "Kong has no dick" joke being overused and dumb, and that you can't hide behind the "it's just satire" bullshit).

What's even more surprising is that this was set up months ago, before the whole Twitter meltdown, so it's not even a response to that (although the timing is still pretty suspicious). Either way, I think it was a cool thing for Vogt-Roberts to do, and honestly, his criticisms are spot on. I wonder why they stayed that way throughout production if he knew of the issues? I guess we'll never know.

Meanwhile, KONG: SKULL ISLAND is available on DVD/Blu Ray now.

Extra Tidbit: Man, Vogt-Roberts has one hell of a man-beard!
Source: YouTube



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