Kong: Skull Island teases something big in this first poster

Kong Skull Island banner

Taking place in the 1970s, KONG: SKULL ISLAND finds a group of explorers and soldiers coming together to try and unravel the mystery that is Skull Island. As you could probably guess, a big part of that mystery is a hundred-foot ape named Kong! Very little of Jordan Vogt-Roberts' film has been seen, but I have a feeling that's all going to change tomorrow. A motion poster was released on the 20th, teasing something was coming in 3 days, meaning that we have one more day to go before we witness the SKULL ISLAND panel at SDCC! For now, check out the teaser poster!

Kong Skull Island poster

It's not hard to imagine a trailer and/or some footage of SKULL ISLAND will be hitting tomorrow. Of course, we'll be on hand deliver first impressions of what's going down. If we're lucky, the trailer will hit online at the same time! You can click on the banner below to check out all of our SDCC coverage and prepare yourself for what's to come!

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