Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hudlund share the front seat in these new stills from On The Road

I wonder what Jack Kerouac would have thought about Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund being in a big-screen adaptation of his book, On The Road.

Well, Kerouac is long gone and this thing is still happening so there's nothing anyone can do really. If you're open to all this, some new stills came from the film via French website Comme au Cinema. This is our first look at the film which was directed by Walter Salles. The screenplay was adapted by Salles partner on THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES, Jose Rivera.

I'm okay with the team of Salles and Rivera, but don't know about Hedlund and Stewart in the roles of Dean and Marylou. Sam Riley is a great choice for Sal, in my opinion. Riley was outstanding as the self-destructive lead singer Ian Curtis of Joy Division in the film, CONTROL.

Check out the stills, give us your thoughts on the film.

Extra Tidbit: Rivera created and wrote for the series, EERIE, INDIANA which starred Omri Katz (HOCUS POCUS). Omri, I have no clue where you are, but if you could just send me an email with your whereabouts and martial status that would be great.
Source: Comme au CinemaONTD



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