Kristen Stewart may star opposite Ben Affleck in Focus

What is Ben Affleck going to do after ARGO?

Possibly a movie with Kristen Stewart, if she decides to join.

The actress is circling the lead female role in FOCUS. CRAZY STUPID LOVE helmers Glenn Ficarra and John Requa will direct their own script which involves a veteran grifter who partners with a girl who's new to the life of con artistry.

Originally, Warner Brothers wanted Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone to team up again on this one. But when that plan didn't pan out, they decided to nab Affleck, who was trying to decide what to do after ARGO. With the studio originally wanting Gosling and Stone, I wonder if the script has any romantic moments. Should be plenty awkward to see Affleck and Stewart hook-up. I hear she's into older guys, though. Yeah, hahaha, terrible joke.

I don't loathe Stewart at all. Sometimes I think she gets stuck inside of herself when it comes to a role. I think there's plenty of time for her to sort of change things up, but that comes with the right role and a little effort to go outside the box.

Source: Variety



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