Kristen Wiig opens up about nude scene and future ambitions

Interestingly enough, there's probably a social stigma with comedians that they're open for doing anything. After all, comedians tend to push their bodies and their personalities further than the norm, so when a topic like "nudity" comes up, it doesn't really occur to us that, "Hey, this is a person too". At least, that's how I felt reading some of Kristen Wiig's interview that will be in the August issue of Elle magazine.

Kirsten Wiig has a film coming up, WELCOME TO ME, in which she plays a woman with borderline personality disorder who wins millions, quits her meds and buys her own talk show. The film was directed by Shira Piven, who's married to comedic director Adam McKay. Not only does Wiig hope to write more and direct in the future, but she enjoys the dramatic process, and is willing to step outside of her comfort zone, especially in the case of WELCOME TO ME.

In Kristen Wiig's words:

I’d never read a character like that. I got to a scene where it read, ‘She’s fully naked,’ and I remember thinking: If I do this movie, I have to do this scene because it’s really important to this script.

I've enjoyed Ms. Wiig as a comedian and I think she has a natural charisma about her. I'm very much looking forward to seeing what she can bring to the dramatic table in the future. Her next film, THE SKELETON TWINS, is a dramedy with Bill Hader that might just give us a sneak peak at her acting chops. The trailer looked to be really solid but I may be biased given they dug up some obscure childhood nostalgia in the form of MANNEQUIN and had the two leads sing the romantic number.

THE SKELETON TWINS hits theaters on September 19, 2014.

Extra Tidbit: Do you think Kristen Wiig can make the transition into dramatic roles?
Source: Elle



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