Kung Fu Panda director spaces out with Alien Rock Band

When it comes to movies about talking animals doing martial arts, KUNG FU PANDA is easily in the top 7.

Now that surprisingly fun flick's co-director John Stevenson is venturing into the cosmos with a new project called ALIEN ROCK BAND.

The movie will be a live action/CGI hybrid about "a garage band from Earth which journeys across the Universe to qualify for a shot at superstardom in an Intergalactic Battle of the Bands. It won't be easy – the band will have to out-shred four-armed alien guitarists, face-down tentacled, punker octo-drummers, and fight snarling alien monsters – with music as its only weapon."

The project is set up with Vanguard, which is headed by SHREK producer John Williams. Eurythmics musician Dave Stewart is also producing, because sweet dreams are made of this.

KUNG FU PANDA 2 (not directed by Stevenson) arrives May 2011.
Extra Tidbit: Stevenson also worked as an artist on MADAGASCAR and the first two SHREKs.
Source: JoBlo.com



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