Kung Fu Panda writers want to travel to Candyland

In events that should be surprising to no one, the CANDYLAND movie has finally bagged some scribes.

The poor unfortunate souls that wrote KUNG FU PANDA, Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger will be penning the screenplay for the board game adaptation. Why can't we just settle on that Katy Perry video as the closest thing to a CANDYLAND movie and call it a day?

I will say that this idea is better than the Magic Eight Ball pitch. Plus kids will probably really love it. Candyland was a fun game to play when I was five. After that, I realized how boring it was. I still loathe you, Lord Licorice.

The CANDYLAND movie has been floating around since 2008. The story is, "centered around finding the lost king of Candy Land." Will it be animated? Nope. The plan right now is to do it up live action style.

Extra Tidbit: CLUE will reign supreme in board game adaptations.
Source: Heat Vision



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