Kunis talks Swan

Mila's got the goods...

Remember that BLACK SWAN script review where it was revealed that God exists and Natalie Portman would share hot steamy passionate "intimacy" with Mila Kunis? Well someone's talking out of their asses apparently. But is it the beauty of the geek?

Talking to the folks of Collider during a recent promo event for EXTRACT, the stunning Kunis tried to downplay the recent "leak", claiming that "the script is so under lock and key that I can’t imagine anyone really truly ever getting a hold of it," So does this mean the steamy scene won't be? "I can’t really deny or confirm because I’m not aloud to talk about the script but all I’m going to say is that I can’t imagine anyone getting their hands on this project. Does that make sense?" er..yes, yes Mila it does. whatever you say. Now get it on with Nat, a'ight?!

Sounds like "someone" might've had something to do with the leak and is trying to cover her lovely behind. Or director Aronofsky issued a "kill this rumor" general order. Wouldn't make sense though; that scene alone would save them from having to do any marketing or promotion at all...

BLACK SWAN goes before cameras this November, but Kunis goes on the big screen in EXTRACT on September 4. For that full interview, head on OVER HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Mila was 14 when she auditioned for "That 70s Show". She told them she was almost 18. SHE WAS 14!!! Kelso was a perv!
Source: Collider



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