Kurtzman/Orci tapped to rewrite the sequel to Amazing Spider-man

With the reboot less than three months from theaters, Sony has been hard at work on the script for the sequel to THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. The screenplay's first draft was penned by James Vanderbilt, who penned THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, and now Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are being brought in to do rewrites.

Kurtzman and Orci have been everywhere the past decade having been involved with the screenplays for the TRANSFORMERS films, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III, STAR TREK, and COWBOYS & ALIENS along with creating the series FRINGE.

The duo had this to say about being brought in to rewrite the sequel: We grew up as huge Spider-Man fans so, to us, the opportunity to work on this film is akin to being handed the Holy Grail. We love the direction Sony and the filmmakers are taking the Peter Parker/Spider-Man mythology and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this legendary franchise.

Rewrites and uncredited script polishing (which Kurtzman/Orci did for WATCHMEN) are commonplace in Hollywood.  Does this news bode poorly for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN?  I guess we will find out for ourselves come July 3rd.

Extra Tidbit: I am still not sold on the first person point of view web slinging in the trailers for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN.
Source: Deadline



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