Kyle MacLachlan returns as Agent Dale Cooper in latest Twin Peaks teaser

Twin Peaks 2017 Kyle MacLachlan

Although there were several instances in which it appeared as though David Lynch's Twin Peaks revival was over before it even began, the project did finally get off the ground, and not only that, but the amount of episodes nearly doubled. Taking place twenty-five years after we last saw Agent Dale Cooper, the upcoming Showtime series will once again return us to the town of Twin Peaks, Washington. Much of the original cast will be returning, but, true to form, we still don't know very much about where this 18-episode limited series will take us or its characters. Showtime has released another brief teaser for the new series which showcases Kyle MacLachlan returning as Agent Dale Cooper.

David Lynch recently dropped a few cryptic details about the upcoming "pure heroin" version of Twin Peaks, including whether or not he would be open to revisiting the series again after these 18-episodes wrap up. "You know, I don’t really think about those things," said Lynch. "It’s always the same things [that matter] — the story and the way the story is told...I’m very happy in this world and how it’s going...There were no plans to make more than the 18 episodes created for Showtime." Lynch then added that "before I said I wasn’t going to re-visit it and I did. So you never say no. But right now, there’s no plans for anything more." As for what we should keep in mind before Twin Peaks returns, Lynch teased that "the story of Laura Palmer’s last seven days is very, very important for this."

Twin Peaks will debut on Showtime on May 21, 2017.

Source: Showtime



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