Early Kylo Ren joke was cut from Ralph Breaks the Internet

As we’ve seen in some of the trailers for RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET there will plenty of references to their other properties, including princesses, theme parks and, of course, Marvel and Star Wars. Having bought up the mega-franchises the House of Mouse can do whatever they want with them, which means scenes with Storm Troopers, Iron Man and more. However, the filmmakers did experience some limitations when it came to how far they could go with their jokes, and directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston opened up about one Stars Wars bit that got the Mouse's boot.

Moore and Johnston were talking with IGN when they revealed that they had a good gag involving recent Star Wars baddie Kylo Ren (played by Adam Driver), but that when they decided to talk with Lucasfilm about it the company was a bit protective of their young Sith Lord.

“At one point we had a joke about Kylo Ren being kind of a spoiled child. We went to Lucasfilm and said, here’s what we’re doing. And they said, well, we’d prefer that you don’t show him as a spoiled child. You know, he is our villain, and we’d prefer you don’t do that. So we were respectful of that.”

They continued, explaining that the call was all part of the business of show, and one they quickly made peace with. They did get to include another joke about a famous SW character – C-3PO – who they made the butler of the Disney princesses who, if you didn’t already know, sort of make an appearance in the movie. Johnston explained it was all in good fun, saying, “it felt like that’s of his character. It’s really loving satire that we’re doing.”

There are plenty of references and jokes pointed at a bunch of other Disney-owned characters, so cutting one around Kylo seems a bit curious. But maybe the goal is to keep him villainous in the eyes of audiences, and to keep an image of him as a tantrum-throwing man-child from popping up when STAR WARS EPISODE IX hits theaters next year. That’s not exactly a good look for a guy who wants to rule the galaxy, you know?

RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET hits theaters November 21. 

Source: IGN



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