La La Land will be getting an IMAX release this month

After months of being told it was a marvel of modern cinema the world has finally been treated to LA LA LAND, and the reception has been nothing short of fantastic. Our own Chris Bumbray and JimmyO have placed it high on their end-of-the-year lists, and it will probably continue to do well as it expands. In fact, if you haven’t already seen you should save that cherry to see it in the most epic format in the land – IMAX.

It was announced yesterday that the Oscar contender and future Golden Globe winner will be digitally re-mastered for the IMAX treatment, and will begin its run on January 13 for all to behold. It will be getting a rem-mast. Director Damien Chazelle has seen the film in the format already, and had these words to say:

“The beautiful presentation of ‘La La Land’ in IMAX took my breath away. I cannot wait for audiences to see the work of all the talented crafts-people who helped bring this story to life — the music, sound, production design, costumes, performances — everything explodes in IMAX.”

The movie has been raking in the bucks in its limited release, already recouping back its $30 million production budget with a $68 million global total, with a large chunk of that coming from the South Korea market where it has already blown away expectations in its IMAX theaters. No word yet on if the movie will spread to all IMAX screens, but considering ROGUE ONE is still tearing the roof off in the format it’s safe to expect a more limited release or, as the specialty poster being released for the movie says, a “special engagement”.

LA LA LAND currently stands as my favorite film of the year, and I’m positive I’m not alone on that front. The movie is sensational in every sense of the word, and getting to check it out in IMAX is going to be a real treat not only for repeat viewers, but for anyone seeing it for the first time. I can imagine this will give the film an even bigger Oscar push too, giving voters a chance to see it in a format no other contender will be able to match. My only concern is that getting to experience joy on such an extreme level will cause mass head explosions. Eh, [email protected] it, totally worth it.

LA LA LAND with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone is out now, and check your nearest IMAX location to see if you'll be getting it January 13.

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