Updated: LAPD drops investigation for Feldman's pedophile ring claims

Update: Word has come in that the LAPD have ended their investigation into Feldman's claims that a pedophile ring has been victimizing young actors for years in Hollywood. In short, LAPD spokesman Drake Madison told THR that due to the expiration of the statute of limitations concerning the case, "it's done." Feldman will now have to seek other means of delivering his message to the masses. As of this moment, Feldman's TRUTH campaign has only received 2% of the funds needed to reach its lofty $10 million dollar goal. The Indiegogo venture has only one month left until it expires.

Late last month, THE LOST BOYS actor Corey Feldman unveiled his TRUTH campaign to expose and combat alleged pedophiles actively working within the Hollywood entertainment industry. Since the project's debut, only $209,896 of the desired $10 million dollar goal has been donated toward the cost of Feldman orchestrating a film that promises shed light on a terrible secret that's plagued the movie making business for decades. With the campaign only having received 2% of the funds needed to make the project a success, it appears that other methods of investigation are now underway.

Today, the Los Angeles police department stated that they have opened an investigation into Feldman's claims, after the '80s child star filed a report on Monday morning.

"When a report is filed on something as severe as this, an investigation is opened by the robbery/homicide division (which also handles sex crimes)," LAPD detective Ross Nemeroff told The Hollywood Reporter.

In the days following the launch of Feldman's TRUTH campaign, THE BURBS actor told Matt Lauer and Megyn Kelly of The Today Show that the reason he's refused to go to the police (at that point in time) was out of fear for the safety and well-being of those close to him. "I need a team of lawyers and I need a team of security to be around me at all time to keep me safe so I can get this message done," Feldman fired back at Lauer, after the host questioned the actor's motivation and method for releasing the potentially explosive information. "I vow that I will release every single name that I have knowledge of, period. And nobody's going to stop this."

No further details regarding the LAPD's investigation are available at this time, though if Feldman's claims prove true, you can expect to see several more individuals named for crimes and abuse against children in the entertainment industry as time ticks on. 



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