Lara Croft gets a new face as Tomb Raider is rebooted

Buxom British archeologist Lara Croft is finally returning to screens, but it won't be Angelina Jolie portraying the action lass.

Just as the character is getting a total revamp for the latest video game console generation (as seen above), the movie series is also being rebooted by GK Films after two successful (financially, not necessarily creatively) live-action adventures.

The production company behind (among others) THE TOWN, RANGO, THE DEPARTED and Scorsese's upcoming HUGO CABRET has acquired the film rights to the famous game heroine who first gained global popularity for being a curvy Indiana Jones clone with a long braid, dual pistols and sexy grunts.

Casting is wide open since GK Films haven't hired a writer yet, but they're expected to do a Lara Croft origin story, so all young actresses better start limbering up and practicing dialects. They want the new movie ready for a 2013 release.

Game developer Crystal Dynamics is also currently working on retelling the origin of the character, initially introduced in 1996.

Extra Tidbit: Rhona Mitra graduated from official Lara Croft model to action movie actress.
Source: Heat Vision



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