Lara Croft is young and hot again in new game trailer

E3 is coming up next week, so you'll probably see a few cinematic video game trailers we deem "movie-ish" enough to feature here. But I have one in advance of the show, a new spot for the Tomb Raider reboot which features the origin story of a young and hot Lara Croft.

I knew this game was coming, but I didn't realize how close it was going to be to the plot of the proposed movie reboot. That project also had the idea of a younger Lara Croft in her early years, and I wonder if the plot of the game and that of the film will actually overlap or even be one and the same.

Check it out for yourself below. Obviously it's all cutscenes, but watching it makes me think I wouldn't say no to a live action version of this with a young brunette as the lead.

Extra Tidbit: Remember when the Tomb Raider nude code was the greatest video game urban legend out there?
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