Larry David and Jane Lynch in talks to co-star in Three Stooges?

I'm still not sure who, if anyone, is excited about this new THREE STOOGES movie but at the very least, the movie is about to add some legitimately funny people to its cast. Both Larry David and Jane Lynch are in talks to join the cast of the Farrelly Bros. update of the classic characters.

Lynch would be starring as Mother Superior, the head nun in the orphanage in which the Stooges grew up. it was a role initially offered to Cher who was reportedly interested in the part, but apparently that fell through (and for the better as Cher, who's probably sweet and all, is not nearly as funny as Lynch). It's less clear who David would be playing in the film.

The film currently has Will Sasso and Sean Hayes locked in as Curly and Larry with Chris Diamantopoulos in talks to star as Moe. That's a rather precipitous drop-off from the original A-list cast of Sean Penn, Jim Carrey and Benicio Del Toro.

While I love both Lynch and David (the latter of whom I consider to be a modern-day comic genius), I still can't get up much enthusiasm for this project. Not sure if it's the lackluster casting or the simple idea that a THREE STOOGES remake just sounds like a terrible idea (or some combination of both). What do you think of the project and the cast in general?

Source: EW.com



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