Larry David is the true Batman in new Curb Your Enthusiasm teaser

When the world is in peril the mightiest heroes are called into action: superheroes, vigilantes, mutant humans and blonde gods. But we often forget the little heroes, the ones who do the real work, like police officers, firefighters and, of course, a neurotic, bald, 70-year-old man. Larry David is the up for the challenge of saving the day when no one else will act…and if it’s the right time of day…and if he’s up to it. Really only Mondays and Wednesdays from 12-3. Watch his heroics above in a new teaser for the ninth season of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM!

Fans of the show will recognize the inclusion of a few series references that litter the disheveled city, like the theater advertising "Mr. Simmington" (from a season eight episode with Ricky Gervais) and graffiti that says "Respect Wood" (from a season seven episode). I've missed me some CURB over the last few years, and I wish there was a real David-signal that we could shine when we needed a good rant.

CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM season nine debuts on HBO October 1.

Source: HBO



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