Latest A-Team trailer specializes in the ridiculous

In the new A-TEAM trailer, Jessica Biel explains to her people that the team in question are "the best" and that they "specialize in the ridiculous." No shit? This was the same movie that gave us a teaser trailer with Bradley Cooper freefalling inside a tank shooting down a rival airplane. I think the ridiculous part has been hammered home already...

While I have to say that the action looks over-the-top enough to be enjoyable, some of the other beats in this trailer kinda piss me off. Too much winky-winky. B.A. has PITY and FOOL tattooed on his knuckles? A character whistles the classic theme song? I am, however, thrilled to see a brief cameo by classic "That Guy" actor Henry Czerny. He's not listed in the cast credits on IMDB but if you skip to the :33 second mark, you'll see my favorite 90s villains. Check out the new trailer below or head to Apple's trailer page to see it in HD!

Extra Tidbit: If they're going to have a character whistle the theme song, why not just play it in the trailer?
Source: Apple



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