Latest Batman V Superman featurette focuses on story

There's not much time left until BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE is here. What began as a lot of mystery surrounding a cool logo announced as a surprise at Comic-Con is nearly about to cross the finish line as a completed film, ready to be analyzed, judged and argued over by fans for the years to come.

The film is a crucial piece of Warner Bros. blueprint for an expanding DC Cinematic Universe, and, as early buzz and reviews emerge early next week, we'll have some idea as to whether this idea worked as the corner stone the studio needs it to be. And a lot of that is going to depend on story and how it ties the characters together not only to each other but to you. How does BATMAN V SUPERMAN make you feel? Does it engage you? Does it excite you? Does it thrill you? Does it connect with you?

The latest featurette for the film, while showing some cool visuals along the way, focuses on the very story it is seeking to tell, namely the conflict rooted between Batman and Superman and how two heroes with common goals could wind up on opposite ends. If you haven't gotten your fill of where BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE is going to go, then this might help top you off. But if you want to remain as fresh as possible going into your viewing in a week and a half, then you should probably look elsewhere. After all, you have come this far. Why get started now?

BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE arrives in theaters on March 25.

Source: Warner Bros.



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