Latest Blade Runner 2049 short film introduces Dave Bautista's Sapper

As much as I can, and sometimes this job makes it difficult, I've been trying not to watch too much BLADE RUNNER 2049 material beyond the first trailers. With just a few weeks left to go until the debut of the much-anticipated sequel, it'd be a shame to go into the film knowing more than I should, but I'm making an exception for these lovely short films which bridge the gap between Ridley Scott's original and the sequel. BLADE RUNNER 2049 direct Denis Villeneuve recruited several artists who he respects to create three short stories, the first of which, 2036: NEXUS DAWN, was released two week ago, and now another, which centers around Dave Bautista's character of Sapper, has also arrived.

These shorts are an absolutely great way to promote the film, I only wish more productions were able to do the same thing. Scraping by on the streets of Los Angeles while trying to keep a low profile, Sapper (Dave Bautista) has befriended a young girl and her mother, but when several thugs threaten them, he's forced to unleash hell, because, hey, you can't cast Bautista without letting him show off his action chops.

BLADE RUNNER: 2049 will hit theaters on October 6, 2017.



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