Latest Tarzan trailer reminds you that someone made a Tarzan film in 2016

the legend of tarzan, alexander skarsgard

It's been a rough summer for the big studios thus far, with the major players being a heavy price for their over-reliance on brands and sequels that the public wasn't exactly clamoring... and with a number of films still on the docket for the blockbuster season that could fit that criteria, the worst may still be yet to come for them. 

One such film you could add into that conversation is THE LEGEND OF TARZAN. For years, Warner Bros. has been trying to get this franchise up and running once again, seeing it as a surefire winner, because... Hey, it's Tarzan! But isn't that exactly the very same reason this picture may be heading for Flop City once July 1 rolls around and the movie is released in theaters? Who really gives a shit about seeing a Tarzan movie in 2016? It ain't the kids - that 18-24 demographic that everyone is always trying to lure - and I don't really see much excitement for the film from anyone in older age ranges who might have a slightly better grasp for who the character even is. 

That leaves us with a movie made for no one... and the latest trailer for THE LEGEND OF TARZAN should prove that. There is just so little here to make you want to go out and see it... and, even giving it the benefit of the doubt, and saying maybe, just maybe it could turn out alright with Alexander Skarsgard and Margot Robbie and Christoph Waltz and Samuel L. Jackson involved, it just looks so unappealing. 

But that's to me... And not everything is made for me. But will someone please raise their hand and let me know that they dig what they're seeing and believe this was made for their sensibilities? I just want to know you exist at this point. No judgments whatsoever... I simply want to know you are real. 

THE LEGEND OF TARZAN swings into theaters on July 1.

Source: Warner Bros.



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