Laura Vandervoort will grace Seth MacFarlane's Ted

There are dozens of hot blonde actresses that appear on TV on a regular basis, but one stands out above all the rest for me. That would be Laura Vandervoort, the superhottie best known for her dual alien roles as Supergirl on Smallville and an extraterrestrial princess on V.

She’s now joined the ever expanding cast of Seth MacFarlane’s TED, which chronicles Mark Wahlberg’s struggle with a CGI teddy bear who invades his life. Also on board are Giovanni Ribisi, Joel McHale, Patrick Warburton and Mila Kunis. Kunis AND Vandervoort? Are they going to add Olivia Wilde and make my head explode? (no innuendo intended).

Vandervoort will play a salesgirl who is Wahlberg’s coworker and is oblivious to the throngs of men always fawning over her. I know a few girls like this, and I can never tell if it’s just an act, or if they’re really that clueless.

Annnnd we need another picture.

Extra Tidbit: I've been watching 10 seasons of Smallville. Currently on 9.5. Exhausting, but worth it between Vandervoort, Kristen Kreuk and Erica Durance.
Source: Deadline



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