Lawless attempts to steal your attention with this new quad poster

Lawless header 656

That being said, and it makes me sorry to admit, but I don't think it works. Schmoes and the like may get excited just by seeing that Guy Pierce, Gary Oldman, Jessica Chastain, and Tom Hardy are in a movie together, but I doubt that the general public would. Meaning that this poster is then selling the movie on Tom Hardy's cigar chomping skills, whatever implication the title might bear, and the period costumes. It's something but it's not a lot is my point, and because I so very much want this film to do well I only wish there was a whole lot more.

So check it out below.  I'd say it's fairly similar to what we saw with the GANGSTER SQUAD poster yesterday, right down to the heavy use of blue, but that's not bad in and of itself.  Again, I just wish there was more.  Or at least a poster with the third Bondurant brother so that the tagline made a bit more contextual sense.  Or a poster more in line with this art from a few weeks ago.  

You can look for LAWLESS to bootleg its way into your heart on August 29th.

Lawless UK quad

Extra Tidbit: How successful do you think LAWLESS is going to be? Director John Hillcoat wasn't even going to be able to make it until the angelic producers from Annapurna Films swooped in, so hopefully his hard work and great skill is rewarded.
Source: Empire Online



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