Lawrence gets Small

Since I AM LEGEND, director Francis Lawrence has been juggling a few potential projects, including SGT. ROCK, a kung fu SNOW WHITE, an adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk's SURVIVOR, and a follow-up to the Will Smith blockbuster.

Now according to Pajiba, he's also developing a movie based on Michael Hague's graphic novel IN THE SMALL.

While the book was apparently aimed at more of a young teen audience, someone with Lawrence's visual acumen could undoubtedly do wonders with the source material, which sounds a bit like THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN on a global scale.

The synopsis: A flash of blue inexplicably shrinks humans to a twelfth of their normal size. A city block is now a day's journey, a newly mown lawn is a jungle, and an encounter with a common housecat is terrifying. A brother and sister, parted by what might as well be an entire continent, lead separate factions toward reclaiming some semblance of a civilized world.

Extra Tidbit: Like I AM LEGEND, THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN was based on a story by author Richard Matheson.
Source: Pajiba



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