Learn all about the title spaceship in this 99% spoiler free Prometheus featurette

Another day, another new PROMETHEUS featurette. I know many of you fans out there are like me and love every single new video released for this movie. I also know there are a large number of you that want nothing to do with any of these clips.

I am here to tell you that this video is pretty much straight-forward behind the scenes stuff about the making of the title spaceship in the film. But, in the interest of protecting your virgin eyes, I will warn you there may be something spoiler-ish at the start of this video, so skip it if you wish to remain fresh for the movie.

For those of you interested, check out the "Space Travel Part 1" featurette.

Pretty cool, if you ask me.

Now for the "spoiler" element of the video. Did anyone else see this image from the beginning of the clip?

Out of context, it doesn't mean much. But the clip shows this behind the head shot of a person and their arm and you can see the top of the skull bubbling and mutating in some way. Is this what happens to the crew as a result of being exposed to the aliens in the movie? Is this the space jockey flashing back to his transformation? Is this me reading too much into three seconds of footage? All could be possible.

I guess we will find out when PROMETHEUS opens in 10 days!

Source: YouTube



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