Learn how they managed that crazy airplane sequence in this Fast and Furious 6 featurette

FAST AND FURIOUS 6 is looking like it may finish in the top five of summer blockbusters and for good reason: lots of action, excellent performances, and one hell of a concluding sequence. It was that closing sequence in fact that has elicited a lot of conversations on just how they achieved such an amazing piece of stunt work.

If you haven't seen FAST AND FURIOUS 6 you will still be in for a hell of a visual experience. This video doesn't contain spoilers unless you consider seeing explosions as spoilers. For everyone else, this video shows just how far this franchise has come from a street racing movie to a fascinating heist/crime epic.

It is a shame that Justin Lin is not returning for FAST 7 as he has really found a groove with the last two films in the series. I just hope the next film can live up to the bar set very high by FAST AND FURIOUS 6.

Source: Cinema Blend



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