Leatherface 3D still happening, gets a director

I had pretty much all but forgotten about the plans to make a third film in the new era of TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE films. LEATHERFACE 3D as it was called. Well, I may have forgotten but Lionsgate hasn't and they're moving ahead with the film, talking with John Luessenhop about directing the project. Who is Luessenhop? You may remember him as the director of that movie with the horribly Photoshopped poster.

Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes is still producing the project though, as you may have noticed, it's no longer at New Line. Warner Bros. dropped the rights to another sequel and Lionsgate quickly snatched them up. A bunch of different writers have handed in drafts for the film and it supposedly takes place in two time periods - one directly after the original film and another in modern day.

You might think I'd be against something as on-the-surface as ridiculous as LEATHERFACE 3D but honestly, I kinda dig the idea. To me, 3D is usually best served when it's part of something as ridiculous as this appears to be. Some of the best 3D I've seen has been on movies like FINAL DESTINATION and MY BLOODY VALENTINE so why wouldn't a TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE film work in 3D? The movie itself doesn't have to work all that hard for it to be at least mildly entertaining. What do you think?



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