LeBron goes to Camp

In casting news that harks back to the days of BLUE CHIPS, SPACE JAM and THE AIR UP THERE, Universal Pictures and producer Brian Grazer have signed NBA star LeBron James to star in the upcoming basketball-themed comedy FANTASY BASKETBALL CAMP. The film will follow five guys who sign up to attend the LeBron James Adult Basketball Camp in Las Vegas. (Why Vegas? I guess after THE HANGOVER all comedies are required to have a Vegas setting...) James is then dragged into all their personal drama of both the comedic and serious variety. I can only guess that he'll dispense some basketball-themed sage advise in the end ("Tom, being married is like making a jump shot....") and with any luck we'll get a slow clap sequence.

Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel, who wrote the upcoming sports comedy THE TOOTH FAIRY, are working on the script with filming scheduled to begin next summer after James once again gets booted from the semifinals in disappointing fashion. Hey, it beats golf with Shaq.

Extra Tidbit: Babaloo Mandel's real name is Marc.
Source: Variety



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