Ledger King Rat

I think it's cool if we here at Joblo bring you something a little different and a little off our usual path. Now, we do stick as closely to the world that is movies as we can, and with that I offer you a video directed by Heath Ledger with inspiration from Terry Gilliam for Modest Mouse's "King Rat".

The illustration for the video is wonderful, and it still keeps with that kooky Modest Mouse vibe. Mouse is a hell of a band, one that I think realized the diverse talents of Ledger.

The video is one that could remind someone of mythology, Moby Dick, Grimm Fairy Tales, but also puts a perspective on illegal commercial whaling off the coast of Australia. It's definitely something with the spirit of Gilliam's humor wrote all over it.

It's a tad gory, but that's what happens when you piss off whales. Hats off to Ledger for such an amazing video, and to Mouse for letting us have another piece of art from a great actor gone too early.

Don't forget about Ledger this year in THE IMAGINARIUM OF DOCTOR PARNASSUS which is directed by Terry Gilliam.

Extra Tidbit: If you like the song check out "No One's First, and You're Next", which was actually released today by Modest Mouse.
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