Legendary says new Godzilla to be more like the old Godzilla

I keep forgetting that Legendary Pictures is seriously remaking Godzilla, as it's a property that I suspect doesn't exactly have a huge fanbase these days. But the studio is hoping for renewed interest in the towering monster, the subject of an infinite number of movies in the last fifty years in Japan, and one particularly awful American version in 1998.

But producer Brian Rodgers says they've learned from Roland Emmerich's disaster, and will make the monster more true to its roots.

"Legendary did not want to make the same decisions Sony did," he says. Specifically, we're not going to see "a more iguana-like Godzilla laying eggs".

"I think I can safely say that there'll be other monsters that Godzilla will fight. That's what the fanbase wants to see. Not having that in the Sony version was a drawback. Godzilla fighting the US army was not in the spirit of the character."

More monsters! I can get behind that, especially if they're designed in the vein of new Godzilla, as seen above. What? We watch giant robots fight each other every two years with TRANSFORMERS, why not giant monsters? I'll give it a go.

Extra Tidbit: Or we could just have monsters FIGHT giant robots if they introduce Mechagodzilla as the villain.
Source: EmpireZennie62



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