Legendary to adapt Aftershock's apocalyptic comic Animosity to screen

It's become quite clear in recent times that both DC and Marvel will need to make some room at the box office for a plethora of upcoming films based on indie comic book properties. Don't worry, Big 2, I'm certain that your efforts will still shine among the many. I just want you to be prepared for the inevitable sea change, when it comes.

Legendary has announced that they've picked up the worldwide rights to ANIMOSITY, an AfterShock comic survival story about an 11-year old girl who struggles to survive when the world is plunged into chaos when animals suddenly get the power of speech and heightened thought, and fixate on revenge against humans who’ve dominated them.

For all you comic readers out there, ANIMOSITY reads much like a cross between writer Evan Dorkin and artist Jill Thompson's Beasts of Burden and Robert Kirkland and artist Tony Moore's The Walking Dead. Written by Marguerite Bennett (Insexts, A-Force, DC's Bombshells) and illustrated by Rafael de Latorre (Superzero), ANIMOSITY has remained a top-seller for Aftershock since its 2017 debut. As per the deal with Legendary, AfterShock Media’s president Lee Kramer and CEO Jon Kramer will produce with Legendary’s Jon Silk overlooking the project.

Over the past three years, Marguerite Bennett has established herself as a powerful talent to be reckoned with in the comics market. In addition to the above-mentioned releases, she's also ushered Angela of Image's SPAWN universe into Marvel's publishing arm with Angela: Asgard's Assassin. Furthermore, she penned an entertaining and absurdly spooky comic adaptation of Fox's Sleepy Hollow for BOOM! Studios.

With its wild concept, creeping action, and cast of unpredictable characters, ANIMOSITY stands to offer something new to fans of the post-apocalyptic genre. In other words, prepare to have the tables flipped when this adaptation comes to the big screen. Oh yeah, and be nice to your pets, because you never know how a good ol' apocalypse will shake out.



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