Lego Movie 2 will apparently be a musical set in SPAAACE!

THE LEGO MOVIE and THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE were huge surprises to me, because I had written both of them off after initially hearing about them. While they are each corporate ploys to make money off of any recognizable IP available, that doesn't mean that the writers and artists behind them haven't worked hard to make good, fun films regardless. And they have! So even though that LEGO NINJAGO trailer looks like hot garbage (save a funny line or two), I'll give that one a chance just because of Lego's current track record. It also means I'm excited for what the new LEGO MOVIE proper will entail.

On the podcast Shanlian on Batman, LEGO BATMAN director Chris McKay - who was the former director hired for LEGO MOVIE 2, before being replaced by Mike Mitchell (SKY HIGH, TROLLS) - talked about where the sequel will be heading:

Lego 2 is going to be this big musical and space action movie...They need a lot of the writing, a lot of development, not only with script development, but development with songwriters. So it was very ambitious to get that movie out.

That sounds cool (especially since "1980-something Space Guy" Benny, played by Charlie Day, was my favorite character in the first one), so I'm definitely down for a musical sci-fi adventure. And I have confidence in the writing, as BOJACK HORSEMAN creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg is working hard on the script.

Everything is awesome indeed!

Meanwhile, LEGO MOVIE 2 will click together in theaters February, 2019.

Extra Tidbit: Just seeing the words "Everything is Awesome" will immediately get that song stuck in your head. So...sorry?



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