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A while ago, we brought you the thoroughly ridiculous news that a LEGO movie was being made, and now producer Dan Lin is talking to Collider about the project, and why he thinks it’s actually the best toy-based movie idea out there. Surprisingly, after reading through his reasoning, I’m almost inclined to agree with him.

I don’t want to give away too much about the story just yet until we publicly announce it, but I will tell you what you mentioned…what’s great about Lego is the worlds. There’s all these different worlds. Space, pirates, Viking world, so it allows a director to play in a lot of different worlds.

So that’s what we’re working on with the movie right now. I would say there are several Lego characteristics that we’re trying to build into the movie. Their company motto is only the best is good enough. So they’ve raised a very high bar for the movie. Something else we’ve talked about with them is never the same toy twice. You know, with Legos you build per the instructions and then you break it apart and build something else on your own with your own creativity. So, for us, Superglue is evil in the world of Lego. It’s all about building what your mind wants you to build, what your imagination allows you to build.

Here’s the thing, people f*cking love Legos. I’m not precisely sure what it is about them, but every kid ever plays with Legos, Lego video games sell like crazy, people ALREADY shoot entire movies in Lego and therefore, I can actually see this potentially working really well. With the ability to go from space to vikings to knights to present day, if someone creative was actually put in charge of writing this thing, it could end up being a pretty damn cool 3D CGI kids feature.

Extra Tidbit: I draw the line at the necessity of a “Lego Rock Band” though.
Source: Collider



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