Lena Headey joins Ethan Hawke in sci-fi thriller Vigilandia

LenaHeadeyLace2We reported on Hawke's involvement in the Platinum Dunes-produced, low budget genre film less than two weeks ago, and while I still have no idea what the title VIGILANDIA means I do know that Lena Headey (Queen Gorgo in 300, GAME OF THRONES, DREDD) has taken on the female lead in the movie. Which, since her performance was one of the best parts of 300, definitely lends some credence in my eyes to the potential quality of VIGILANDIA.

I actually quite like Ethan Hawke too, so Headey's casting all the more reinforces the Patrick Wilson/Rose Byrne/INSIDIOUS vibe I'm getting from this new project (i.e. a couple of strong actors being used to both ground and bolster a tight genre story).  Which seems to be just as well since that's the very movie the studio has been invoking when talking about VIGILANDIA.

Plot recap: All we know is that it's a "futuristic sci-fi thriller."  Is there any other kind of sci-fi thriller?

Extra Tidbit: The very tragic truth is that I have not had a chance to check out GAME OF THRONES yet, but how is Headey in it?
Source: Variety



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