Leonardo DiCaprio as J. Edgar eyeballs Naomi Watts and Charlize Theron is a Young Adult in these new stills

This new photo from J. EDGAR is caption city.

Leonardo DiCaprio is eyeballing the f*ck out of Naomi Watts. It's a definite look of disapproval. When I first saw it, I immediately thought, "Is J. Edgar gunna have to smack a bitch?" He's either about to slap her in the face or break out in a gnarly man cry. I approve of this photo. This is actually our first time seeing Watts in the film.

Moving on to the next still, we have Charlize Theron in Jason Reitman's YOUNG ADULT. Looking a lot like she could be Paris Hilton's older sister, Theron plays Mavis Gary, "a writer of teen literature who returns to her small hometown to relive her glory days and attempt to reclaim her happily married high school sweetheart (Patrick Wilson). When returning home proves more difficult than she thought, Mavis forms an unusual bond with a former classmate (Patton Oswalt) who hasn’t quite gotten over high school, either."



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