Leonardo DiCaprio may roam the Old West in The Creed of Violence

Leonardo DiCaprio has jumped around lots of different time frames during his career, but he hasn't spent many of his fictional days in the Old West.

Perhaps his current involvement as the villain in Quentin Tarantino's Western (or "Southern") DJANGO UNCHAINED stimulated his interest in the period when men wandered the frontier with six-guns on their hips, which the actor hasn't visited since THE QUICK AND THE DEAD.

According to the LA Times, Leo is considering THE CREED OF VIOLENCE, based on a book by Boston Teran. The movie will be directed by Todd Field (LITTLE CHILDREN) and tell "the 1910-era story of a criminal named Rawbone who tries to take a cache of weapons into Mexico as part of the country's revolution but is caught and then accompanied by government agent Lourdes who, it turns out, shares a secret past with him."

Apparently DiCaprio would have his choice between the two characters (although unless the script deviates from the book, there is a significant age difference between Rawbone and Lourdes, and for a very good reason).

Extra Tidbit: Field (who also played piano for EYES WIDE SHUT's orgy) was previously trying to get an adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's grisly Western novel BLOOD MERIDIAN to the screen. James Franco most recently wanted to take a shot at it himself.
Source: LA Times



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