Leonardo DiCaprio & his beard return in Before the Flood trailer

Leonardo DiCaprio seems to have completed everything an actor sets out to do in their career. He was a teen heartthrob, starred in what is now the second biggest movie of all time (globally), and finally won an Oscar earlier this year for THE REVENANT. Now all he has to do is lounge around his mansion and hang out with models. But that’s what most people would do. But, as we all know, DiCaprio is not like most people.

Now after conquering the cinema world DiCaprio seems to be putting most of his energy towards another one of his loves—educating the world on climate change. He has a new documentary coming out next month, BEFORE THE FLOOD, directed by Oscar-winning documentarian Fisher Stevens (THE COVE), and the trailer has recently dropped. Take a look!

What will most likely gain this doc most of its views is the presence of DiCaprio. Very rarely do mega stars like him put themselves so front-and-center in documentaries, but clearly this is something he is passionate about. He has narrated and produced a climate change documentary before called THE 11TH HOUR in 2007, put it flew under the radar coming on the heels of AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH. But as science has progressed new information has surfaced about climate change so I can imagine FLOOD being much more informative, proving a true modern successor to TRUTH. Plus it features appearances by Barack Obama and Pope Francis. DiCaprio isn’t [email protected] around.

BEFORE THE FLOOD debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month, and is set to debut in theaters on October 21.



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