Leonardo DiCaprio to play J. Edgar Hoover?

Here's someone that wasn't in the winner's circle for the J. Edgar Hoover edition of Cast This: Leonardo DiCaprio.

Deadline got the exclusive that Leo is in early talks to play the lead role in the biopic, HOOVER directed by Clint Eastwood. It's not locked as of yet, but it is likely that the actor will get the part.

When Imagine started developing the story it was about the beginning of the FBI. Unfortunately when they took it to Universal, the studio said that it was exactly what they didn't want to make. The studio felt like they were loosing too much money with period films.

Things started to turn around when producer Brian Grazer gave Eastwood the screenplay. The two met mid-February to discuss, but Universal still had issues. One exec from Universal admitted that, "Clint is an amazing director with an extraordinary track record, and you can't possibly dismiss anything he gets excited about. The first question now to ask is how much will it cost to make?" Due to Universal's reluctance the film is now Warner Brothers gain.

If DiCaprio is cast this will be his first film with Eastwood. Would you guys be happy with this choice?

Extra Tidbit: I have to wonder if they will include the transvestite stuff.
Source: Deadline



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