Leonardo DiCaprio to possibly play Woodrow Wilson in biopic

When I heard that Leonardo DiCaprio wanted to take a break from acting, I figured it was due. The guy constantly delivers and deserves a break. Then he's like, "No, wait…I'm not taking a break now." So instead of going to the club and dancing with his e-cig or enjoying his girlfriend's barely bikini'd booty on a yacht, DiCaprio continues to do eye future roles. Note that he will probably still do all the things I just said.

Warner Bros. recently nabbed up the rights to A. Scott Berg's WILSON, a biography of Woodrow Wilson who was the 28th President of the United States. The story tells of Wilson as, "an academic who comes off as the great forgotten president, who, over the course of his presidency at first resisted and then rose to the occasion and led the U.S. into the war, claiming that it would make the world safe for democracy. The studio and Appian Way sparked to the similarities between circumstances surrounding WWI and the current political tensions in places like Syria."

Way to wrap that into what's going on now. As you can see, DiCaprio's production company Appian Way is set to produce the flick. That said WILSON is being developed with DiCaprio as the potential star. He's played Howard Hughes and J. Edgar Hoover, of course he can play Woodrow Wilson.

Source: Deadline



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