Leonardo DiCaprio will have 24 personalities in The Crowded Room

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Leonardo DiCaprio is looking to plead insanity in one of his upcoming projects. THE CROWDED ROOM will be adapted from Daniel Keyes' 1981 non-fiction book "The Minds of Billy Milligan" and will star DiCaprio in the lead role. The book chronicles the true experiences of Milligan as the first person to use mental illness as a defense against his crimes of robbery and the rape of three women in the 70s. He was eventually acquitted by saying that the crimes were committed by two of his 24 alternate personalities.

So far, this sounds very dark and should likely turn in a great performance from DiCaprio. The drama has been in development hell for a very long time with DiCaprio himself looking at the project for nearly twenty years. THR noted that James Cameron was previously attached to direct the film with John Cusack starring, a pairing I wouldn't have minded that’s for sure. We don’t know who will helm the movie this time around but DiCaprio’s Appian Way will produce from new script written by Jason Smilovic (LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN).

I hate to say it so early, but this could easily be DiCaprio’s Oscar winning role (if it doesn’t come sooner). The character is so bizarre and fascinating, it’s no wonder the actor has been eyeing it for so long. Milligan was abused as a child and diagnosed with those 24 different personalities. One of the personalities, Adalana, is a lesbian who took responsibility for the rapes. Wrap your head around that one. DiCaprio is one of our greatest actors today and there is no doubt that he can pull it off. Hopefully he gets the write director to show him the way.

Check out 2:20 for Leo's Jack Nicholson impression, sadly I don't think it will feature in the movie.

Extra Tidbit: Who do you think should direct?
Source: THR



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