Leslie Mann and Kat Dennings join the voice cast of The Croods 2

You wouldn't have expected a recent movie starring Nicolas Cage and Ryan Reynolds to have been a box office hit with their recent track records, but 2013's THE CROODS grossed almost $600 million worldwide, thereby guaranteeing a sequel. Now, THE CROODS 2 has found two new voice actors for to compete with the prehistoric clan.

The Hollywood Reporter has Kat Dennings and Leslie Mann joining the original cast of THE CROODS, including Nicolas Cage, Catherine Keener, Clark Duke, Ryan Reynolds, and Emma Stone, for the sequel. Where the first movie focused on the father-daughter relationship between Cage and Stone, the sequel will focus more on the mother-daughter bond between Keener and Stone.

Mann is the matriarch of an upscale family which competes with the Croods. Dennings will voice the new family’s daughter, someone whose instinct to hunt is being supressed.

THE CROODS was one of the better films from Dreamworks Animation in recent years and had a truly heartfelt message about the importance of family. The studio is already developing a TV series featuring the characters that would expand the universe the same way they have for the HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON and KUNG FU PANDA franchises. I am glad the studio is taking their time to develop these sequels rather than churn them out as a cash grab. I just hope the new cast gels well with the original stars.

THE CROODS 2 is slated for release on December 22, 2017.



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