Lesson not learned, another disastrous official First Class poster

You would think after releasing two of the most widely derided posters in movie history, Fox would have hired some actual artists to work on any future releases for X-MEN: FIRST CLASS.

But with this new one-sheet debuting below, it's clear they can take a thousand dollars out of the budget to hire anyone who has even SEEN a good movie poster before.

I don't understand movie posters in general these days, and these FIRST CLASS ones are prime examples. Are people really so dumb that they're swayed by the mere actors that appear on the poster as they're walking by in the theater? Is that why we always just see giant heads or full cast photoshop montages like this?

Check out the poster below (see it bigger at the Pimpin Poster Palace), and I'm going to point you to this gallery, which has a number of fan-created FIRST CLASS posters that were man after the disaster of the original two. Not perfect, but there's some cool stuff there and they're LEAGUES above these "official" ones.

Extra Tidbit: I think a cool poster passed around the internet is more worthwhile marketing-wise than one some 60 year old woman glances at in a movie theater because she recognizes that cute boy from ATONEMENT.
Source: Fox



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